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Two of us manage and optimise several dozen business and personal, local or national websites.

We take care of search engine optimisation that grows brand awareness and relevant website traffic to find customers and produce sales from an online search.

I own some websites that reside in competitive digital marketing spaces. There’s a broad selection of page 1, number 1 Google rank positions in tricky industries within the auto, health, design and of course, SEO spaces.


What my typical SEO projects look like


Manual audit

In most websites, initial work includes a manual audit where a list is compiled to bring the site to my best practice.


Best practice – a website that is Google friendly.
Moreover, a website that needs less power, authority and backlinks (financial investment) to rank number 1 in Google, compared to a site I have not optimised.


Step 1

That will include well-known items such as mobile friendliness, great page speed and image optimisation.

More technical items include a focus on optimising sitemaps, employing thorough, accurate microdata and ensuring site security is at its best.

Timeframe: The manual audit can take between 1 hour and 12 hours depending on the size of the website and its digital/SEO goals.

A local business website is usually 1-2 hours
A national brand website is usually 8 hours +


Software audit

Secondary work is performed using a software audit tool, Screaming Frog; a website crawler and SEO Spider. It provides a function by crawling website URL’s (pages or posts) and returning analytical data so I can examine technical onsite metrics and compile an accurate list of to do items.


Screaming Frog has a free version if you’d like to try.

Timeframe: Usually about an hour

This automation process lets me see things like duplicate headline tags and meta descriptions, missing alt texts and oversized image file sizes.

Once both audits are done I’ll h have a complete list of work.


SEO tasks

Timeframe: Depending on the size of the website, completing optimisation (commonly known as on-page) takes 4-6 weeks.


Step 2

This step involves another manual audit of all appending social media channels. I tend to focus on the traditional ones like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business and LinkedIn.

Timeframe: The audit usually takes about 90 minutes to complete where I’ll have another list of to do’s.

Executing the list takes around 3 to 5 hours. If there are more social channels important to the business the work might take longer.

I expect a boost in rankings within a few days of best practice website improvements.

This may look like a jump from the bottom of page 5 to top of page 2. It depends on the industry, keywords and number of changes employed.


In almost all cases, on-page and social media optimisation are completed within 6-8 weeks.


Investment outcome: An evergreen, SEO ready website that search engines like Google want to see. The next time the algorithm bots crawl the website they find few errors, fast load times, responsive servers and tight security. This leads to managing ‘crawl budget’, reducing work and shoring up unnecessary expence in the coming months.


Get detail on this SEO video marketing Bristol case study from last year. You can view CarVeto here. 

seo bristol consultant, Marcus Rockey

Without a well-optimised website, the SEO journey can be unnecessarily expensive and laborious.
Getting websites good for Google is my strong suit and how to do SEO.


A shared secret – each time a backlink is attributed to a website, that link needs to provide the biggest bang for its buck. If a site is slow, consumes a lot of crawl budget and is generally messy or unreliable the backlinks built to the domain or page are diluted and wasteful.


Off-page seo

Aside from blog post articles and other general website updates, the remaining part of my SEO is centred around backlinks.



A clickable incoming hyperlink from one webpage to another

Links pass power and authority to the counterpart webpage where they point.

Links are crucial to optimising a website for any mid to high competition keyword

Links will be relevant
A law website will be linked to from another law website or something similar such as a legal educational facility or even an industry forum.

Relevancy makes sense, right? But, this is not an industry standard.


Link velocity

The velocity of links built is dependent on:

  1. The industry
  2. Whether the SEO is local, national or international
  3. The competitiveness of the target keywords
  4. The search volume of the keywords


There is more skill involved here but I cannot share everything with you in a single webpage.
If I’ve got your attention, get in touch with me directly at seo@marcusrockey.co.uk

Anchor text

This is the text contained in the hyperlink (backlink).

The preceding steps are vital and so is anchor text.


Perhaps you are building a picture of the cumulative approach required for proper SEO?


Seeing things as they are

I have not found much in the way of tricks or shortcuts to the top of Google. There are a handful of strategies I have developed that can help but no single tactic that can take a site from several pages deep to the number 1 position in a day or two (unless the keywords are an extremely low competition).



My client’s websites and my own personal projects are managed by myself and my long-term remote employee, Tejas.

With pride, I do not outsource work to any other company or individual.


On page fees

Seo ready web design Bristol (local), on-page optimisation is generally £800 to £1,200 from audit to implementation.

National website on-page is generally £1,200 to £2,500

These quotes are not fixed.
Cost depends on the size of the website (number of pages) and its general backend condition. Irrespective of industry, target keywords or number of links pointing to the domain, each website will get the full health benefits on offer from my seo service.

My initial fee includes 6 optimised social media channels from audit to SEO implementation


On page is a single, one-time fee that is paid in advance.


Amendments are permanent and each website that benefits from my attention will enjoy the optimisation for its life cycle.

During this period, no changes are permitted to the client’s website without my authorisation or prior custom agreement.  

These terms really must be met to yield the most benefit from the investments being made.


Off-page fees (Backlinks)

Local website off page link building is generally £400 to £800 per month

SEO costs UK for a national brand are generally £1,200 to £2,500 per month

The costs here for off page is broad.

If you own a business in the car insurance industry the velocity of links is much greater than that of a wedding photo booth company. Therefore, the car insurance website is more expensive to optimise.


How I make money with off page SEO

Years in SEO have led to a small group of strong connections. Despite this, all links cost money.

In pretty much any industry (excluding adult and gambling) I source some of the finest links across the internet, from industry websites and blogs.

I make orders in a one-month advance cycle. Clients pay their monthly fee and I submit an order for links that are manually distributed at my discretion.

I add a profit margin of around 40% to each link that is built. Link cost and my margin are what makes up client monthly fees.


Completion date

Point A is the current position of the website before I work with it.
Point B is the final goal i.e page 1 (or position 1) for a keyword group

Marcus Rockey is Bristol's leading seo agency consultant

There is a specific time frame to get from Point A to B. The website, industry and target keywords determine that time frame.

Local campaigns typically range between 6 and 8 months
National campaigns typically range from 10 to 14 months
In all cases, there is a 3 month contingency period.

So, clients know how much the entire campaign will cost from beginning to end. This total fee is broken down into monthly payments.

ROI is easily determined through this model of business. It won’t take much to see if my services will lead to profit.


Tracking the project

I use Basecamp for all clients projects.

It’s a little like a private Facebook group page. All tasks are listed in Basecamp with dates when those tasks are due to be completed.

Each time a task is finished my client gets an email notification.

Images, video, documents, articles and general discussion take place in Basecamp.

It is a simple platform that promotes my accountability whilst offering clients a clear picture of what’s happening week on week.

seo search engine optimisation company expert, Marcus Rockey


I don’t generate monthly reports because most clients either don’t really understand what they mean or don’t spend much time looking at them. Complex, lengthy reporting doesn’t seem to help clients move closer to their business goals.

Basecamp connects the dots in an organised, visual manner.



I do provide regular ranking position reports as they are the finest way to measure progress and depict the value of my services. These appear in Basecamp.

seo services supplied by Marcus Rockey, Totterdown, Bristol

On the phone

I am available on the phone but only for specifics.

Clients call if they have a problem with their website that needs urgent attention.

Aside from this, I generally request messages in Basecamp.


Working hours

Monday to Friday 10 am until about 6 pm

Some Saturdays if needed

Sundays I have closed apart from urgent matters such as a server down or something like that. I ask for a text in that situation and shall make the fix as soon as I am near a PC.


If you have read this far you are probably interested.

Send me an email so we can arrange a meetup.


Marcus Rockey
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Marcus Rockey
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Online life began in 2014 after 25 years working in the automotive sector.

‘The route to impacting search engines is a great website; pages Google love to crawl and serve their customers.’