There isn’t much glamour.

A family man, into Yogas, F1 and work.


Raised in the motor-industry, my father owned a popular car dealership in Bristol since the 1970s. If you’re born and bred in Bristol, you’ve probably heard of Kingswood Motors? That was dads.

I was raised around cars, repairing, cleaning, buying and selling. 

My proud childhood moment was selling my first car at 11 years old; a diamond white Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L. Think it sold for £4,995.


Anyhow, I have spent the lions share of my professional life in the motor trade.

Back in 2012, I hurt my back pretty badly and was stuck at home for 18 months. Needing to make a living and continue supporting my young family I decided to build my first website.

Initially, I used free YouTube videos and got my first blog up. It wasn’t much but it was a start. However, I had no idea how I was going to make money. 

The core issue I had is the same one most businesses and personal blog owners have. How to get traffic to visit my website and read my content.

This is where I began my SEO learning. It progressed pretty quickly when I used every penny of our family savings to buy into an elite SEO mastermind group. Actually, it cost $7,000 for a one-year membership. 


I began a steep learning curve into the world of search engine optimisation. I was surged forward by financial insecurity and a pure need to make some money.


Within 1 month, I had rebuilt my website and started to optimise it for Google. The site quickly gained traction as I began to rank in search for some longtail keyword phrases. After a year or so the site was up to 10,000 hits per month and I began recouping my $7,000 outlay via affiliate commissions. 

Soon after, it occurred to me that my new skill set could be a service. I knew of so many businesses that would benefit from organic, targeted traffic. I built and optimised CoolBison, an SEO agency site in Bristol. It still ranks well for all of the major keywords like “SEO Bristol” but tbh, although new leads still trickle in, I have not worked on the site for the last 18 months.

Since the launch of CoolBison in 2014/15, I have never looked back. I run a group of client seo portfolios for some of Bristol’s well-known brands and last year teamed up with a minority business partner to take some of the strain from running a digital business.


My long-term remote employee began working with me in 2016. Tejas has been instrumental in the maintenance and growth of client websites. 

Aside from clients projects, I run a number of successful automotive websites. If we get together some time I’ll happily show you the business and its extraordinary results in Google.

Marcus and family on holiday in Turkey 2015