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Consultant practitioner


We aren’t really an agency, but a team of two or three can position themselves that way.

I and a single, remote employee run all of our services together for several dozen local and national clients. This includes a number of personal projects in a few big business sectors. 

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What we provide

I work on an hourly rate offering ‘done for you’ seo or consulting (in your office or Skype or private video’.)

We can meet and discuss what you feel will push your business up to the next level.

Google SEO

Industry expert search engine optimisation

This is the core offering – preparing websites in a way that Google love and supporting webpages find qualified traffic for lead gen and sales. Done for established brands and bare domains.

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YouTube SEO

Video marketing search engine optimisation

One of only a handful of digital marketers (only one in the South West of England) that views Google as the lead platform for marketing business video (Ranking video in Google search results).

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SEO ready web design

Building websites that Google want

Googles customers are their search engine users. G wants to serve the finest result possible for every single search term. I’ve tested and know how to build the backend for a Google bot and front end for the user. 

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good quality digital marketing agency Bristol

Digital marketing product exclusions

If you want a full-service type agency that manages social media, Google AdWords, email marketing and that type of thing I am not going to be the best fit. 

I focus on the three products of SEO, YouTube and web design. I’ll happily put my name on the line and say there are few better SEO’s in the city – that’s a bold statement I guess and I confirm it from so much testing and actual results.

We can run through some of this stuff should we meet for a coffee.

Team size and the outright desire to expand product fulfilment is not a goal. 


Bristol in-house digital process

The first two months of these services are hectic. Positioning myself beneath an existing business website, uncovering the core issues through manual and automated audits and implementing changes needs attention and effort. 

In almost all cases, bringing a website up to scratch takes around 4 to 6 weeks. 


Similarly, an existing YouTube channel or video collection fit-out takes time and work.


SEO ready website design is a different process and happens to be a preferred type of project. My remote colleague manages the design process whilst I deal with SEO implementation. That’s things like super quick loading speeds, tight security, microdata and rich snippet optimisation.


Want detailed, experienced attention on your website?