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Most businesses that work with me have been burnt with poorly managed, so-called “affordable seo”. If you’re one such company, you might have moved from one agency to another and spent variable amounts of cash in horrible 12-month contracts, trying to get seo that works.

From my experience, cheap costing seo turns out to be expensive not only from long-term outlays but lost business due to lack of targeted web traffic. 

You get what you pay for and cheap £200 per month seo is in most cases, insufficient.


SEO packages by the hour

My fees are set on an hourly rate. Here is what I cost for the services offered.


Training and support
£150/an hour
  • Ongoing training and/or support
  • Minimum 5 hours per month
  • No contract
  • Suitable for all small and medium-sized businesses
  • In person or Skype (dependent on your location)
  • Custom video training available

Done for you seo runs at a minimum of 5 hours per month for a local business, else completion will take too long.
6 Hours is enough time to get a reasonable amount of work done (it’s the bare minimum). If it’s affordable, clients tend to buy more hours once they see how much work is being done, with a limit of 12 hours per month.

Why are there monthly hourly limits?

The first is time management. I work with a limited number of clients that need detailed, focused attention. In order to meet their needs, I cap availability. 

The second reason is of natural optimisation. The number of backlinks built to your webpages is measured by factors such as target keywords, competition and monthly search volumes. Building too many links in a single period can lead to problems and even Google penalties.


Having your website fit and healthy for Google is the secret to my strategy.

Local website on page averages 8 to 12 hours (dependent on manual audit findings and number of pages)
National website on page optimisation averages 12 to 25 hours (dependent on manual audit findings and number of pages)


The more time that goes in the faster the result

I don’t want to work with scores of clients or run a churn and burn cheap seo service. I’m good at what I do and I charge accordingly. The skills learned have been earned with focus, energy, investment and testing. 

If you operate in a competitive space and there is a lot of work required, I’ll tell you the minimum number of hours I’ll need to work to get the job done.


Next step

Drop me an email to introduce yourself and the business. Then we can arrange a call before meeting in person to talk through finer details:


My UK seo costs exclude adult or gambling businesses. I don’t work with them.

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